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Favorable car rent in Ukraine: RentDrive company services

Driving own car is the most convenient way to move around In Kyiv. This is especially relevant after the imposition of rigid constraints on the usage of public transport. For those who do not have a car, RentDrive offers beneficial car rent. The service works all over Ukraine, guaranteeing customers an individual approach, and a good discount system.

Basic and value-added services

The company works with Ukrainians and foreigners who are older than 23 on a contractual basis. It provides a wide range of basic and auxiliary services.

How to rent a car

RentDrive’s main sphere is the rental of cars of various classes. There are several dozen cars produced between 2008 and 2018 in the stock. Each client will be able to choose from the car park a suitable vehicle from the budget, middle class, and business categories. There are also available minivans and luxury cars.

To rent a car, one needs to fill out an application by phone or on the website. The minimum rental period is 2 days. To complete the contract, you will need a passport and the driver’s license. Residents of Ukraine should also prepare an identification number, foreigners – a name card.

Subsidiary services

You can also enjoy additional serviced for a fee. They include providing a car with a navigator, a child safety seat, Wi-Fi, and driving up during off-hours. You can request a car to the place of arrival – the train station, airport, etc. The website provides information regarding the cost of these services.

Advantages and relevance of renting

In Ukraine, car rental is a relatively new service, but it is widely popular. This is conditioned by several important advantages, among which are:

  • high speed and simplicity of closing a deal;
  • the ability to use a car of higher financial status;
  • saving money on repairs, components purchase, car maintenance;
  • availability of insurance;
  • instant machine replacement in case of a breakdown.

It is expedient to rent a car on the RentDrive company’s website. We recommend it to anyone who is accustomed to comfort, convenience, mobility, prefers to independently manage their time, regardless of the schedules and timetables of public transport. The company offers car arrangements for business trips, wedding processions, dates, trips to other cities of the country. In case of a breakdown of a personal car, a rented one will be a good alternative. All cars with full insuranse and can be deliver to client directly.

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